Every Sublime Text shortcut, right at your fingertips

Rejection hurts.

As part of creating Writing Sublime Plugins, I went through the process of building my own keyboard mappings plugin and submitting it to Package Control.

I was excited to get my plugin out there. But then my pull request was denied.

What? That’s a thing? At the time I didn’t realize that Package Control has a small team of curators who review each submission. (That’s why we don’t have 359 tip calculator plugins …)

The reason I got rejected was that my plugin was too similar to several existing keyboard shortcut plugins. And the others were much better.

One of those was written by Sublime Text Tips subscriber Miro Hibler.

It’s called simply Keymaps, and it’s awesome.

With the Keymaps plugin installed, you can hit a key combo and bring up a quick panel with a filterable list of mapped shortcuts. Once you find the shortcut you want, you can run the command the shortcut is mapped to by hitting Enter.

Keymaps also includes a cheatsheet feature that lets you see all of the active keyboard shortcuts for your Sublime installation–including ones added by plugins that you have installed.

Keymaps is available in Package Control for Sublime Text 2 and 3.

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